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Aerial Map - Cambridge Area Aerial Map - Soils Map - Topography Map
41279 Hwy 6 & 34 –Cambridge, NE    Sky Chief Springs Ranch”

Legal Description:  Pt of NE ¼   Section 26 - Township 4N - Range 25 W of the 6th PM, Furnas County, NE         (consisting of 28.09 Acres +/-)


28.09 Acres (+/-)

2020 Taxes: $1,576.08

1½ Story House

Asphalt Shingles

Heat on Main Floor: Floor Furnace, Wood-Burning Stoves & Electric baseboard

Upstairs: Central Heat

Heat: Propane

Water: Well 

Sewer: Septic

Screened-in Front Porch – 8x34

Double Attached Garage – 24x32 w/two rooms on west side (each 7.7x10)

Single Detached Garage – Sky Chief Gas Station Garage – 20x30

Bank-Barn w/native stone as the walls of the lower level/foundation – 24x32

Storage area & Work Shop w/concrete floor

Main Floor:

Living Room – 11.8x16.9 w/wood floor, lighted ceiling fan & hutch colonnades between it and the DR

Dining Room – 13.8x16.5 w/wood floor, wood burning stove, lighted ceiling fan & hutch colonnades

Kitchen – 12.6x11 w/wood floor, lots of oak cupboards & lighted ceiling fan

Family Room - 15.7x31.6 w/wood burning stove, elec. baseboard heat, built-in book shelves and utility area

Sunroom - 15.2x13.6 w/wood floor, electric heat & lighted ceiling fan

Bedroom – 13.5x9.8 w/closet

Full Bath


E. Bedroom – 11.5x10.8 w/wood floor & large walk-in closet

Center Bedroom - 12.8x11.4 w/wood floor & large walk-in closet

W. Bedroom – 11.5x10.8 w/wood floor & 2-large walk-in closets

½ Bath 

Basement:  Unfinished

Sq.Ft.:   Main: 1,496    Up: 628     Basement:  952               Approx.  28.09 Acres (+/-)             Age: 1921



Historic Sky Chief Springs Ranch

28.09 Acres (+/-) With Home & 2 Spring-Fed Ponds


Location:    41279 Hwy 6 & 34 (approximately 2¾ Miles East of) Cambridge, NE


Legal Description:   Part of N½ NE¼ Section 26 - Township 4 North - Range 25 West of the 6th  

            PM, Furnas County, Nebraska  (See Survey for Exact Legal Description)


Tract Size:   28.09 Acres (+/-)  Per Survey                                                2020 Taxes:   $1,576.08

The Property:   Located along the North side of US Highway 6&34 less than 3 miles East of Cambridge, this property is the site of the Historic Sky Chief Springs where a piece of the original DLD (Denver-Lincoln-Detroit) Highway is actually still visible between the House and the Garage. This Garage is the building that served as the Sky Chief Springs Gas Station on the DLD Highway in the 1920’s and early 1930’s. Live springs on the property flow at various rates with one spring flowing approximately 12-gpm (+/-) which is channeled via PVC underground pipe into the east of 2 Ponds. The actual “Sky Chief Springs” Stone Marker is located where this spring flows into the east Pond. The overflow from this Pond empties into the west Pond where a natural overflow drain maintains a constant level in the 2 Ponds. A Koi Pond with Koi has a walk-over bridge west of the House. This is also spring fed and overflows into the west pond via PVC underground pipe. Numerous ancient cottonwood as well as willow, ash, elm and assorted fruit trees thrive here. A large esparagus “patch” is also included. The 2 lower pasture paddocks lie between the Highway and the Ponds. These extend nearly the length of this tract east-west and are mostly cool-season grasses. Extending north up the hill from the north line of the Republican River Valley floor, this mostly native hardgrass pasture land overlooks the House and out Buildings and provides a panoramic view of the Republican River Valley. The perimeter fence is partially “goat-proof” as are the division fences.

The House:  This 1921 1½-story home has a semi-finished Basement and 2,124-sq.ft (+/-) total. The Kitchen has been remodeled and the Family Room addition includes an Office/Sunroom. A 2-Car Attached Garage also contains the area that was utilized as the Veterinarian Clinic and Office. There is 1 Bedroom and 1 Bath on the main floor with 3 Bedrooms plus extra “sleeping areas” and a Bathroom upstairs. The upstairs has central heat and air-conditioning. The main floor is heated with a propane floor furnace and 2 wood-burning stoves plus electric base-board heaters. There is no air-conditioning on the main floor. A full-width screened-in Porch extends across the front of this home providing added living area when the outside temperature is comfortable.

Garage(s):  The House has an attached 2-Car Garage plus the original Sky Chief Springs Gas Station Garage which is approximately 20-ftx30-ft (+/-).

Barn & Other Buildings:  A bank-Barn with native stone as the walls of the lower level/foundation and the enclosed upper “haymow” at walk-in level on the back. There is also a small Chicken House, a Feed/Pigeon Shed, a Kids Playhouse and an elevated Playhouse included on this property.

Shop / Storage:   An enclosed Building approximately 16-ftx30-ft (+/-) with a concrete floor was utilized as a Storage area and Work Shop.

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