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Trail 5, Lot 17, on Lime Creek Cove, West Side of  Medicine Creek Reservoir – Northwest of Cambridge, NE

They say Location, Location, Location! Located on Lime Creek Cove, this cabin at Medicine Creek Reservoir definitely has the Location.  Located beside the water, plus the view, this 2-Bedroom Cabin on Trail 5, Lot 17 is a dream come true.  The cabin has been updated and consists of the Living Room, Kitchen/Dining Room with appliances and an Island, 2-Bedrooms and a Utility/Bathroom.  The north side has a covered deck along with an additional deck on both the north and west sides of the Cabin. If you’re looking for a place to get away and relax, along with having a beautiful view, this is definitely something you want to see.

List Price: $350,000.00


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