295 Assessed Acres Furnas County, NE

Dry Cropland, CRP & Pasture Selling in 2 Tracts



Wednesday - January 25, 2023 - 10 AM

Crystal Theatre - 503 Nebraska Ave - Arapahoe, NE

Viva Hutchens  -  OWNER  


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Take advantage of this opportunity to acquire 295 Acres (+/-) of productive Furnas County, Nebraska Dry Cropland & Pasture selling in 2 Tracts individually or as a Combination. These Tracts are located approximately 5 miles South & 1 mile West of Hendley along Road 706.

TRACT 1 LEGAL DESCRIPTION: SE 1/4 of Section 11 - Township 1 North - Range 24 West of the 6th P.M., Furnas County, Nebraska

THE TRACT: 154 Assessed Acres consist of 100.3 Acres (+/-) Dry Cropland, 12.02 Acres (+/-) CRP, 33 Acres (+/-) Pasture w/Sheds & Lots, 2.7 Acres (+/-) Old Building Site, Well w/Submergible Pump & Driveway. This Tract has been operated as Dryland with desirable productive Soils & is currently Wheat Stubble & Corn Stalks. There are currently 11.73 Acres in a CRP contract that expires 9-30-2025 and 1.30 acres in another CRP contract that expires 9-30-2030. Buyer will receive the balance of the CRP contract payments.

FSA DATA: (estimate) Contract Acres: Corn 7.45   Wheat 32.85   Grain Sorghum  23.59  

                                        Yield Average:  Corn 102     Wheat  50      Grain Sorghum  75      

2022 TAXES:   $ 2,758.18

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TRACT 2 LEGAL DESCRIPTION: NW 1/4 of Section 14 - Township 1 North - Range 24 West of the 6th P.M., Furnas County, Nebraska

THE TRACT: 141 Assessed Acres consist of 71.02 Acres (+/-) Dry Cropland, 61.6 Acres (+/-) Pasture w/Sheds & Lots, 1.1 Acres (+/-) Old Building Site, Well w/Electric Pumpjack & Driveway. This Tract has been operated as Dryland with desirable productive Soils & is currently Wheat & Corn Stalks.

FSA DATA: (estimate) Contract Acres: Corn 5.31   Wheat 23.42   Grain Sorghum  16.83   

                                        Yield Average: Corn 102      Wheat  50     Grain Sorghum  75     

2022 TAXES:   $ 2,003.82

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METHOD OF AUCTION:   These Tracts will Sell as Individual Tracts Undivided.

SUBJECT TO:   Existing lease, CRP Contracts, fences, boundaries, covenants, easements, oil and gas leases, if any, roads and railroads as the same may appear of record. All acre amounts are Estimates Only.

TERMS:  The purchaser(s) shall make a 20% earnest deposit the day of the auction by personal check, company check or wire transfer payable to Phelps County Title. The balance due at Closing on February 9, 2023. Landlordís Possession on successful Closing. Full Possession March 1, 2024. 2022 and prior years real estate taxes paid by Seller. Seller will convey a good and marketable Title to the Buyer evidenced by a policy of Title Insurance. Phelps County Title in Holdrege, NE shall conduct the Title and Escrow services. The cost of Title Insurance / Escrow Fee shall be divided equally among the Buyer and Seller. This property will not be sold subject to the Buyer obtaining financing to consummate the transaction. Buyers must have financial arrangements made prior to the auction. All of the property sells in ďas isĒ condition, no warranties. The written purchase agreement, to be signed by the Seller and Buyer after the auction, is the sole and controlling document of this sale and supersedes any and all other terms whether verbal, written, expressed or implied and shall be the sole and controlling document for this real estate transaction. Prospective buyers should inspect the property and draw their own conclusions. Heartland Partners Realty & Auctioneers are agents representing the sellers