Red Willow County,  Nebraska   Mini-Ranch

24.92 Assessed Acres With Home - Shop - Barn - Quonset

                Saturday  -  July  18,  2020  -  10  AM  

Auction Location:  72283 Rd 407 - Cambridge, NE  (Signs Will Be Posted)

(2 Miles West of Cambridge on Hwy 6&34 to Lake Road & 2 Miles North)

Glenn Brooks Estate  -  Owner
Aerial Map - Cambridge Area Map
AUCTIONEER'S NOTES: Glenn loved to attend Auctions. This is an opportunity to acquire the lifetime accumulation of Miscellaneous Items Galore that he acquired. Put this date on your calendar & come see what all we find by sale day! Starting at 12 Noon on the Implements, Vehicles & Livestock Equipment

REAL ESTATE Sells In 1 Tract at 10 AM

Legal Description:   A Tract in the E½ NEΌ  Section 23 - T4N - R26W,  Red Willow County, NE

Tract Size:   24.92 Acres (+/-)                                                                                                             2019 Taxes:   $ 1439.00

The Property:  This Mini-Ranch is located along the black-top Lake Road (Rd 407) 2 miles west of Cambridge on Hwy 6&34 & 2 miles North, only 5 miles from Strunk Lake. The Home has 1,540 sq.ft. (+/-) on the Main Floor & consists of 3 Bedrooms, a Bathroom, an eat-in Kitchen, a Dining / Living Room, a Laundry Room, a small Entry Room & a partially-finished Basement. This House has a propane floor furnace & electric baseboard heat, 2 window air-conditioners, vinyl siding & an asphalt shingle roof. The property has its own Water Well and the Septic System needs replaced. Outbuildings on this Mini-Ranch include a classic Barn, a 40’x60’ Behlen Curvet Quonset w/Concrete Floor, a Steel 40’x60’ Shop w/Concrete Floor & wood-burning Stove, 6 Steel Grain Bins, a Concrete Silo & other Wood Buildings. There are numerous shade trees & a mature Cedar tree windbreak along the north side. A 500-gallon propane tank is connected to the home & is included.


 Real Estate Terms:  20% Deposit day of Auction. The balance due at Closing on or before August 5, 2020. Possession upon Closing. 2019 & prior years’ taxes paid by Seller. 2020 taxes prorated to date of Closing. The cost of Title Insurance & Escrow Fee shall be divided equally among the Buyer & Seller. McCook Abstract shall obtain the Title Insurance & Conduct the Escrow Closing. The property & improvements sell in “as is” condition, no warranties. Prospective Buyers should inspect the property with due diligence & draw their own conclusions. Announcements made at the Auction take precedence over advertising. Heartland Partners Realty are agents representing the Seller.


Don’t Miss This Opportunity to Purchase This Property at AUCTION!

House 1.jpg (525214 bytes)House 2.jpg (527705 bytes)House 3.jpg (447878 bytes)Quonset.jpg (393839 bytes)Steel Grain Bins.JPG (161326 bytes)
Barn.jpg (436586 bytes)Shop east end.jpg (691222 bytes)Concrete Silo.JPG (109466 bytes)

Implements & Miscellaneous

John Deere 1600 14’ Pivot-Tongue Windrower w/Steel Crimpers; New Holland 258 Rake w/Hyd. Drive & Steel Teeth; John Deere 566 Rd Baler w/540 PTO, Gathering Wheels, Dual Pickup Wheels; 2-pt Round Bale Fork; John Deere 7000 4R36 Planter w/Fert./Insecticide Boxes, Markers & Hyd Cyl; John Deere 3-Pt 1-Row Planter; John Deere 230 24’ Double-Offset Disc, 9” Space w/Harrows; 4) Tractor Weights; Pair of John Deere 9300 Drills, 9” Space, Steel Press Wheels & Hitch + Hyd. Cylinders; 12’ Chisel; Richardson 4’x5’ Blade Plow; Soil Mover 3?-Yd Dirt Scoop Mod. 25P; 12’ Speedmover w/Hyd. Cyl.; John Deere Pull-Type 4-Bottom Plow; 8’ Dozer; Leon 8’ HD Dozer; Westfield W80-61 Auger w/PTO; SpeedKing 6”x48’ Auger w/Electric Motor; Farmhand 5-Wheel Rake; 3-Pt Sprayer w/Fold Booms; Dry Fertilizer Spreader w/Tandems; Kewanee 5’ 3-Pt Blade; Kelly Ryan 4x12 Manure Spreader w/Tandem Axles & Flot. Tires; 7’ Bucket w/Grapple; New Holland 352 Grinder/Mixer w/Plain Feed Chute, Folding Unload Auger; John Deere 400 Grinder/Mixer w/Drag-Feed; 18’ Round Bale Rack for a Truck; 26’ Steel Flatbed w/Cab Protector; 4-Wheel Wagon Running Gear w/Steel Barge Box; Davis  Burr Grinder w/Elec. Motor on 2-Wheel Cart; Flare Box Wagon on 4-Wheel Running Gear; 4-Wheel Wagon Running gear w/Steel Barge Box; 4-Wheel Running Gear w/Fuel Tanks; 2) 300 Gal. Fuel Tanks on Steel Stands; 300-Gal. Fuel Tank on Skids; 800-Gal. Tank on Skids; 2) 50-Gal. L Fuel Tanks; 3-pt Post Hole Digger; 2 Sections John Deere Drag Harrow; Stationary Irrigation Sprinkler Gun; John Deere Pedestal for 2-Cyl Tractor w/Roll-O-Matic; Several Hydraulic Cylinders
12' Chisel.JPG (262002 bytes)12' Speedmover.JPG (211701 bytes)Davis Burr Grinder.jpg (637390 bytes)Farmhand 5-Wheel Rake.JPG (223097 bytes)JD 1600 Pivot-Tongue Windrower.JPG (251751 bytes)
JD 1-Row Planter.JPG (273885 bytes)JD 230 24' Dbl-Offset Disc.JPG (257409 bytes)JD 400 Grinder-Mixer.JPG (157542 bytes)JD 566 Round Baler.JPG (177557 bytes)JD 7000 4R36 Planter.JPG (284399 bytes)
JD 9300 Drills front.jpg (581929 bytes)Kewanee 3-Pt Blade, Winco Generator.JPG (225343 bytes)NH 258 Rake.JPG (198744 bytes)NH 352 Grinder-Mixer.JPG (174571 bytes)Soil Mover Dirt Scoop.JPG (216316 bytes)
Richardson 4x5 Blade Plow.JPG (260028 bytes)

Cars - Pickups - Trucks - Trailers

1970 Chevy C50 Truck w/V8, 4-Spd/2-Spd, 16’ Giant Wood Box, Hoist, 55,703 Miles Showing; 1948-50 Chevy Truck w/13’ Box & hoist; 1960 Chevy C60 Truck w/V8, 4-Spd/2-Spd, Tag-Axle, 18’ Box & Hoist; 1978 Ford F250 Ranger Lariat, V8, Auto, Cruise, AM-FM, A/C, SS Swing-Out Mirrors, Dual Tanks, Cab-Length Alum Running Boards & Receiver Hitch; 1986 Chevy C-10 Silverado, 8’ Box, V8, Auto, Rally Wheels; 1977 Chevy Impala 4-Dr; 1984 Chevy C-10 Silverado, 8’ Box, V8, Auto, Rally Wheels; 1992 Chevy Van 20 w/Mark III Converion, V8, Auto, A/C, Tilt, Cruise, Rally Wheels, Fiberglass Running Boards, 133,468 Miles Showing; 1973 Plymouth Fury III 4-dr.; 1973 Chevy Custom Deluxe 10, V8, Auto, 8’ Box, SS Mirrors; 1979 GMC Sierra Classic 15 4x4, V8, Auto, A/C, Dual Tanks, 8’ Box, Rally Wheels & Chrome Grill Guard;  1989 Chevy Scottsdale 10, 305 V8, Auto, A/C, Dual Tanks, 8’ Box; 1995 Chevy Silverado 3500 4x4, V8, 5-Spd, A/C, 8’ Box, Cab-Length Running Boards, Chrome Grill Guard; 1983 Olds Delta 88 Royale 4-dr, V8; 197? Kencraft 32’ Bumper-Pull Camper Trailer; 198? Diamond D 7x18 GN Stock Trailer w/8-hole Wheels; Black Flatbed Trailer; 1,000-Gal Water Trailer; 16’ Flatbed Trailer w/Wood Floor & Tandem Axle
'48-'50 Chevy Truck 1.JPG (167066 bytes)'60 Chevy C60 Truck.JPG (211831 bytes)'70 Chevy C50 Truck -1.JPG (138712 bytes)'73 Chevy Custom Deluxe.JPG (151980 bytes)'73 Plymouth Fury III.JPG (211522 bytes)
'77 Chevy Impala.JPG (212269 bytes)'78 Ford Ranger Lariat F250.JPG (171640 bytes)'79 GMC Sierra Classic.JPG (168417 bytes)'81 Chevy Scottsdale 10.jpg (401342 bytes)'84 Chevy C10 Silverado.JPG (183780 bytes)
'86 Chevy C10 Silverado.JPG (175574 bytes)'92 Chevy Van 20.JPG (69136 bytes)'95 Chevy 3500 4x4.jpg (406583 bytes)Diamond D GN Stock Trailer.JPG (183021 bytes)Kencraft Camper.jpg (419231 bytes)

Cummins Engine - Parts - Miscellaneous Parts

Cummins NTC 855 Motor, 6-Cyl Diesel w/Turbo; 12) Goodyear 222-4505 Oil Filters; Asst Oil Filters & Belts; Truck Wheels; Used Tires; 4) Large Electric Motors; Asst Roller Chain, Bearings Etc

Cummins Engine.JPG (161650 bytes)

Behlen Curvet Quonset

Behlen Curvet Quonset 40’x60’ that has been Dismantled for 25 years (+/-) Laying on the Ground w/Double Sliding Doors, Walk-Through Door & Buckets of Bolts & Nuts

Pictures for this category

Tools - Shop Equipment - Miscellaneous

Winco PTO Generator on 2-Wheel Cart w/Lincoln Welder; Gas Powered Wire Winder; Black Pickup Tool Box, Side-Mt; Tool Box; Gas Space Heater; Old Metal Heating Stove; Torch; Shop Tools; Wheel Pullers; Chain Boomers; Ratchet Straps; Shop Press w/20-Ton Hyd Jack; Coats 1010 Tire Machine; HD HD Steel Welding Table w/Vise; Lg Metal Band Saw; Metal Bolt Asst. Cabinet; Lg Metal Tool Box & Misc. Tool Boxes; Bead Roller; Short Acetylene Bottle; Panel Jigs & Feeder Panel Jigs; Lg Squirrel Cage Fan; Asst. Tools & Shop Items Too Numerous To Mention
Coats 10-10 Tire Machine.JPG (150267 bytes)Drill Press - Floor Stand.JPG (195683 bytes)Shop Press.JPG (152831 bytes)Wood Shop Bin.JPG (156183 bytes)

Wood Shop Shelves 1.JPG (136538 bytes)Wood Shop Shelves 2.JPG (184240 bytes)Wood Shop Shelves 3.JPG (188139 bytes)Washer Display Board.JPG (180725 bytes)

Livestock Equipment - Yard & Garden Items - Miscellaneous

2) “The Welding Shop” 12’x40’ Portable Cattle Sheds w/Gates, 1 has a Pearson Head-Catch Gate & 1 has a For-Most Head-Catch Gate; Powder River Squeeze Chute w/OB Gates; Cattle Panel Trailer w/20 panels; 15) Cattle Gates; Blue Walk-through Gates; 6 stacks of 12) 10’ HD Galvanized Panels; 8) 10’ Panels; 36) Besler 12’ Panels; 6) Feeder Panels 12’; 6) 11’Panels; 10) 30’ Endless Panels; 2) 5’ & 2) 9’ Big Valley Feeder Panels; 14) 10’ Panels; Several Steel Windbreak Panels approx. 8’ Tall & Various Lengths; 8) 16’ Gates; 5) 12’ Panels; Other Assorted Panels & Gates; Round Bale Feeders; 2) Calf Creep Feeders; Old School Slide from Orafino School; Concrete Posts; T-Posts; Wood Posts; Utility Poles; Rolls Barbed Wire; ½-Moon Tin Sheets; 5) Concrete Feed Bunks 7 ½’; 2) Alley-Width adjustments; Calf/Goat Creep Feeder; 2) 11’x14’ Round-Top Calf Sheds (made from a Steel Tank); 3) 10’ Poly Feedbunks; 2) 25’ Steel Feedbunks; 9) 12’ Steel Feedbunks; 6’x6’ Hay Feeder;  John Deere LT 180 Automatic Lawn Tractor w/42” Deck, 17-hp V-Twin Engine; John Deere 112 Lawn Tractor & Mower Deck; John Deere 210 Lawn Tractor w/John Deere Rear-Mt Roto Tiller; Push Mowers, Roller-Packer, Disc, Cultivator, Spreaders, Asst. Lawn & Garden Items; 30’ 3-Legged Steel Tower

18' Round Bale Rack.JPG (181541 bytes)

Antiques - Collectibles - Miscellaneous

“Conoco Gasoline” 28” Dia. Round 2-Sided Metal Porcelain Sign; CROCKS: 6-Gal, 12-Gal & 15-Gal Western Crocks; Crock Jug; 3-Gal Crock Churn, No Lid; Crock Bowls: *Black w/White Interior – “Compliments of Cowles Grocery, Phone 4, Cambridge, Neb”; 1) Blue 5” USA, 1) Brown 7” USA, 1) Brown 9”, 2) Bake Oven;  Dazey #60 Butter Churn; Cup & Saucer Collection; Cookie Jars; Refrigerator Dishes; Depression Glass; Salt & Peppers; 3) Sets of China; Misc. End of the Day; Knick Knacks; Small White Enamel Cook Stove; Sellers Kitchen Cabinet; 2) Dressers w/Mirrors, 1) Batwing; Dresser w/Mirror & Stool; Several Old Dressers; Large Kraut Cutter; Chas. Lockenour Wooden Crate; 2) Metal Ammo Boxes; Lionel Train Set w/Track; Enamel Cookware; Cream Separator & Parts; Baby Buggy; 33 1/3 & 45 Records; Old Pop Bottles; Carom Board; Antique Tractor/Implement Seat; Fordson Tool Box; Stainless Steel Milking Machine Buckets; 3) Cream Cans - 1 w/Carl Max Tag; Old Oak Wall Telephone; Nash’s Coffee Electric Round Clock; J&I Old Hardware Store Wood Cabinet w/6 Drawers & Brass Pulls; Several Wood Dressers; Refrigerator Dumb Waiter; Wagon Scoop End Gate;  Wooden Wagon Seat w/Spring; Platform Scale; Metal Chicken Waterers; Old Glass Pop Bottles

Conoco Gasoline Sign 1.jpg (304158 bytes)Cream Separator.jpg (378651 bytes)Crock Bowl 1.jpg (112479 bytes)Crock Bowl 2.jpg (105095 bytes)Dazey Churn.jpg (359576 bytes)
Hardware Store Cabinet 1.JPG (154957 bytes)Wagon Seat.jpg (215384 bytes)Western Crock & Churn.jpg (419638 bytes)Western Crocks.jpg (368696 bytes)Old Cook Stove - White Enamel.jpg (283919 bytes)
Cookie Jars - Pig, Dog & Bird, Cow.jpg (187482 bytes)

Household - Appliances - Miscellaneous

Kenmore Stainless Refrigerator w/Ice Maker; Frigidaire Flat-top Electric Stove; Microwave; Whirlpool Washer & Dryer-white; Tan Floral Sofa; Beige Upholstered Chair; Gold Rocking Chair; Glider Rocker; China Hutch; 2) Curio Cabinets; Drop-Leaf Dining Table w//4 Chair; Duncan Phyfe Table w/2 Chairs;  Mahogany Buffet (Nice); Waterfall Bedroom Set w/Dresser; Waterfall Desk; Blonde Bedroom Set w/ Dresser w/mirror & Chest; Old Chest of Drawers; Old Dresser w/Mirror; 5) Cedar Chests - 1) Lane w/Shelf, 1) Continental w/Shelf; Old Telephone Gossip Stand w/Seat; Wooden Storage Cabinet; Metal Wardrobe/Storage Cabinet; 4) White Metal Storage Cabinets; 2) Old Metal Kitchen Counters; Metal Cabinet w/Small File Drawers; 2 & 3-Drawer Filing Cabinets; Metal File Boxes; Magazine Stand Table; Singer Sewing Machine w/Cabinet (1950’s); Singer Treadle Machine in Case; Baldwin Fun Machine; Wood Stereo Cabinet; Kirby Vacuum Gen.3; 2) Hassocks w/Storage; Wood Framed Mirrors; Pole, Table & Hanging Lamps; Misc. Pictures; John Deere Clock; Many Small Appliances; Cookie Jars; Lots of Pyrex Baking Dishes; Stainless Steel Pans & Bowls; Lots of Dishes, Tupperware; Silverware & Figurines; Jewelry Armoire & Costume Jewelry; Quilts, Blankets, Doilies, Afghans, Towels & Bedding; 2) Ice Cream Freezers; Picnic Coolers; Folding Table; 3 generations of Collectibles; Biro Model 22 Meat Saw from Cambridge, NE Locker

Plus Many Numerous Miscellaneous Items Not Included on this List.


Yard Art Implements - Miscellaneous

Yard Art Implements & Misc: Old Steel-Wheel Potato Planter; Corn Stalk Drill; Horse-Drawn Cultivator w/ JD Handles; Old Slippery Slide from Orafino School

Old Potato Planter.JPG (271550 bytes)Van Brundt Corn Stalk Drill.JPG (165617 bytes)JD Horse-Drawn Cultivator.JPG (177929 bytes)