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Owned and operated by Mark and Linda Hamel, HEARTLAND PARTNERS REALTY & AUCTIONEERS is a Real Estate and Auction company selling Real Estate and conducting auctions of property in Nebraska and Kansas. Specializing in marketing agricultural, recreational, residential and commercial properties, HEARTLAND PARTNERS REALTY & AUCTIONEERS continually strives to maintain the reputation they have earned as one of the most progressive and credible Real Estate and Auction firms in the area. This reputation for "getting the job done" combined with honesty, integrity and good public opinion form the foundation on which HEARTLAND PARTNERS REALTY & AUCTIONEERS is built. These credentials and this image combined with an aggressive, proven marketing plan as well as knowledge of the area and the buyers can result in the maximum price attainable for your property. Being a native of southwest Nebraska and a second-generation Auctioneer, Mark Hamel continues the business that his father, Hollis, began in this area in 1948. Mark obtained his Nebraska Real Estate License in 1991 and is a Licensed Real Estate Broker in Nebraska and Kansas. Having been an Auctioneer since 1973, he is also a member of both the Nebraska Auctioneers Association and the National Auctioneers Association. In December 2006 he completed the AARE Course offered by the National Auctioneers Association to receive the distinguished Accredited Auctioneer of Real Estate designation. In November 2013  HEARTLAND PARTNERS REALTY & AUCTIONEERS became a Participant with United Country Real Estate & Auction Services to offer yet another dimension for the marketing of both Real Estate and Personal Property. This commitment to excellence through continuing education and progressive marketing strategies has made them one of the longest-running auction companies in the central United States today.




This level of experience in the marketing of Real Estate and Personal Property plus key contacts throughout the entire region combined with a proven marketing plan complete the formula that can result in attaining the maximum price possible in the sale of your property. Some of the ingredients of the marketing formula utilized to achieve these results are Sale Bills / Brochures Posted and Direct Mailed via a comprehensive mailing list, an Internet Web Site since 1997, Radio, TV and Newspaper / Print Media Advertising as well as Social Media. And now, in addition, the participation with United Country Real Estate & Auction Services brings the industry’s biggest and best buyer database, which is continually updated. This database features more than 500,000 profiled names of buyers who have requested to be notified when specific properties are listed plus 120 million hits per month on their United Country proprietary websites.


To accommodate buyers who cannot physically attend an auction, live internet bidding is utilized during the actual auction. The objective is to maximize the exposure of each and every property offered for sale, whether by Auction or private treaty, to the broadest audience. Another very important, and perhaps the most important ingredient, is the relationships formed with buyers and sellers throughout the period of the transaction. Maintaining these relationships after a sale has been completed can often lead to referrals that ultimately result in more prospective buyers and as well as sellers.  


This combination of a very solid, well-established Real Estate and Auction business makes an extremely effective catalyst for marketing property in this entire region of Nebraska and Kansas.



Other equally important ingredients include having the equipment and personnel to conduct a successful auction. HEARTLAND PARTNERS offers a custom auction topper with a public address system and 4 speakers on a 4-wheel-drive pickup for their mobile auction block for on-site auctions. This gives the Auctioneer the advantage of an elevated position to call bids from and creates a defined center of attention in all types of weather and situations. It also provides the listing clerk a mobile office for Personal Property Auctions which is equipped with a state-of-the-art computer system that transmits each item description, the selling price and the buyer number to the main computer in the clerking trailer. This clerking trailer is a self-contained compact portable office and is equipped with the main computer of the clerking system where buyers can register for their bidding number and pay for their purchases quickly. Walkie-Talkie radios and cell phones provide communication between the auction topper and the clerking trailer for added efficiency. For inside auctions, an amplifier and additional portable speakers are utilized for the Auctioneers. Another investment HEARTLAND PARTNERS has made for the sale of Real Estate at auction is the Multi-Par Bidding System for selling multiple parcels or tracts. This system allows buyers to bid on only the specific parcel(s) or tract(s) of Real Estate that they want plus the dimension of combinations of parcels or tracts. By being able to offer exactly what the buyers want results in attaining the maximum bid possible for our sellers. This system can also be used to sell multiple items of Personal Property. HEARTLAND PARTNERS also utilizes two projectors, one to display the Multi-Par tracts being sold so buyers can follow what the winning bid is on each tract and who has the bid. The other is used to show maps and pictures of the Real Estate properties as well as equipment during the course of the Auction.


The computerized clerking system provides an accurate accounting of the entire auction from buyer registration to settlement of purchases for both the seller and the buyer. Upon the conclusion of a Personal Property Auction the seller can have the computer print-out of the property just sold and the itemized breakdown of the sale showing the auction net amount to the seller. Upon the conclusion of a Real Estate Auction the seller and buyer will both be provided with all the documents necessary as required by the Real Estate Commission.



Quality people are another essential ingredient in the formula comprising a successful Real Estate and Auction business. Affiliated with HEARTLAND PARTNERS REALTY & AUCTIONEERS as Real Estate Sales Associates are Linda Hamel, Troy tenBensel and Joslyn Wade. Affiliated as Auction Associates are Linda Hamel, Lana Demuth, Bonnie Kimberly, John Howsden, Robby Brown and John Odea. The combined experience of the team at HEARTLAND PARTNERS represents over 130 years. With nearly everyone on the team at HEARTLAND PARTNERS being native to the Southwest-Central Nebraska and Northwest-Central Kansas area, their knowledge of property and their expertise in this area is extensive and valuable to both sellers and buyers. Though the rural Real Estate market in this area does not have an MLS like the more populated urban and metro areas, HEARTLAND PARTNERS does co-op with other Real Estate companies in the area to compensate for this situation. In a business transaction PEACE OF MIND is of paramount importance to both Seller and Buyer. The Professionals at HEARTLAND PARTNERS REALTY & AUCTIONEERS understand this and make PEACE OF MIND for All Involved a Top Priority.

Mark Hamel
Partner, Broker & Auctioneer

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Linda Hamel
Partner / Sales Associate

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Troy tenBensel
Real Estate Sales Associate

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Joslyn Wade

Real Estate Sales Associate

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