309 Acres (+/-) Frontier County, NE

Pivot Irrigated,  Dry Cropland  &  Grass



Wednesday  October 16, 2019    10 AM

Community Building - Cambridge, NE

Douglas A. Houser  -  Owner

AUCTIONEER'S NOTES: Take advantage of this opportunity to acquire 309 Acres (+/-) of productive Frontier County, Nebraska Pivot Irrigated, Dry Cropland & Grass offered in 1 Tract. The tract consists of 92.4 Acres (+/-) of productive Cropland with desirable, productive Soils plus 180 Acres (+/-) of Grass. This farm is located 16 miles (+/-) Northeast of Cambridge with Hwy 18 dividing the two quarters.

Aerial Map - Soils Map - Topography Map

LEGAL DESCRIPTION: SEĽ (Less a Tract in S˝ S˝) of Section 3 & NEĽ (Less a Tract in NEĽ NEĽ & a Tract in N˝ N˝) of Section 10 All in T6N - R25W  Frontier County, Nebraska


THE TRACT:  309 Acres (+/-) consists of 50 Acres (+/-) Irrigated under the Pivot and 60.68 Acres (+/-) Dry Cropland. The Cropland on this tract is predominantly Holdrege & Hall Silt Loam soils. The Pivot acres were oats and the balance cane this year. Hwy 18 lies between these quarters & County Road 412 along the East side of the North quarter provides good access. A concrete culvert under Hwy 18 for cattle to pass through connects the pastures with 180 Acres (+/-) of Grass. A stock well with a submergible pump on the South side of the Hwy and underground pipe to the tank in the North pasture provides water for both sides with serviceable boundary fence around the pastures. A 9-Acre (+/-)  tract of grass on the North end of the North pasture has no division fence and the Seller rents this.


IRRIGATION EQUIPMENT:  Reinke 7-Tower Pivot with Drop Nozzles, End Gun with shut-off & 11-22.5 Tires on all towers except the end tower has 11.2-38 tires. Cummins BT4 4-Cyl. Turbo Diesel Engine with 8724 hours showing, cooling tank, gauges and a 1000-Gallon Diesel Fuel Tank. An Amarillo Gearhead with a Western Land Roller Pump set to 800-gpm with 8-in Aluminum Pipe to the Pivot.


NATURAL RESOURCES DISTRICT:  Middle Republican NRD has Irrigation Well #G-092542 registered on NEĽ 1-6-25 with 95 Acres Certified.


NEBRASKA DNR DATA:   6” Well @ 800-gpm   


FSA DATA:   (estimate)  

     Contract Acres:            Corn 51.83   Soybeans 7.68    Grain Sorghum 20.99   Wheat 14.81   Oats 7.34

     Direct Yield Average:   Corn 87        Soybeans 40       Grain Sorghum 63        Wheat 38        Oats 48


2018 TAXES:     $ 3738.36   


POSSESSION:   Buyer shall receive Landlord’s Possession at Closing with Full Possession

March 1, 2020.


MINERAL RIGHTS:   Buyer shall receive all Mineral Rights now owned by Seller, if any.


METHOD OF AUCTION:  This Tract will Sell as one Tract undivided.


SUBJECT TO:   Existing fences, boundaries, covenants, easements, leases, oil and gas leases, if any, and roads as the same may appear of record. All acre amounts are Estimates Only.


TERMS:  The purchaser shall make a 20% earnest deposit the day of the auction. The balance due at Closing with first half on or before November 1, 2019 and second half on or before January 8, 2020. Upon Closing, Buyer shall receive Landlord’s Possession with Full Possession March 1, 2020. 2019 and prior years real estate taxes paid by Seller. The cost of Title Insurance / Escrow Fee shall be divided equally among the Buyer and Seller. All of the property sells in “as is” condition, no warranties. Announcements made at the Auction take precedence over any advertising. Prospective buyers should inspect the property and draw their own conclusions.  Heartland Partners Realty & Auctioneers are agents representing the sellers.

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North Tract (Pictures to Come Soon)

North Tr. Pasture 1.JPG (171117 bytes)North Tr. Pasture 2.JPG (159852 bytes)North Tr. Pasture 3.JPG (165498 bytes)North Tr. Pasture 4.JPG (151595 bytes)North Tr. Pasture 5.JPG (173405 bytes)North Tr. Pasture 6.JPG (196998 bytes)North Tr. Pasture 7.JPG (176469 bytes)North Tr. Pasture Cattle Culvert.JPG (193442 bytes)North Tr. Pasture from Cattle Culvert.JPG (206429 bytes)North Tr. Pivot 1.JPG (180441 bytes)North Tr. Pivot 2.JPG (205634 bytes)North Tr. Pivot 3.JPG (172901 bytes)North Tr. Pivot Control Box closed.JPG (165319 bytes)North Tr. Pivot Control Box open.JPG (158934 bytes)North Tr. Pivot End Gun 1.JPG (198950 bytes)North Tr. Pivot Field 1.JPG (191572 bytes)North Tr. Pivot Field 2.JPG (192635 bytes)North Tr. Pivot Field 3.JPG (197728 bytes)

South Tract (Pictures to Come Soon)

South Tr.  Pasture 1.JPG (147096 bytes)South Tr.  Pasture Well & Tank.JPG (222812 bytes)South Tr. East Field 1.JPG (169343 bytes)South Tr. East Field 2.JPG (173427 bytes)South Tr. Irrigation Underground Crossing 1.JPG (236964 bytes)South Tr. Irrigation Underground Crossing 2.JPG (237584 bytes)South Tr. Pasture 2.JPG (141321 bytes)South Tr. Pasture Cattle Culvert.JPG (209768 bytes)South Tr. Pasture from Culvert.JPG (164144 bytes)South Tr. West Field 1.JPG (172611 bytes)South Tr. West Field 2.JPG (194051 bytes)South Tr. West Field 3.JPG (157037 bytes)