Machine Shop & Woodworking Equipment


Saturday  -  October 13, 2018  -  10 AM

AUCTION LOCATION:  From the Intersection of US Hwys 36 & 283 in Norton, KS go 6 Blocks South to West North Street & 1 Block West.

Jerry Bantam Estate,  Donna Bantam - Owner

AUCTIONEER'S NOTES: Jerry was a well-known sprint car racer & innovative car & engine builder for dirt track race cars in Kansas & Nebraska from the ‘50’s through the early ‘80’s. This is an opportunity to acquire the lifetime accumulation of Machine Shop & Woodworking Equipment he used plus Vehicles, Antiques, Collectibles & Primitives. Plus Parts, Pieces & Miscellaneous Items Galore. Put this date on your calendar & come see what all we find by sale day! Bring a friend or 2 & be prepared for 2 Auction Rings.

Machine Shop Equipment  -  Mechanic Tools  -  Miscellaneous

Machine Shop Equipment: Trump Vertical Mill w/Tooling Acc; Kwick-Way Surfacing Mill for Blocks & Heads; Sunnen Connecting Rod Honer w/AG-300 Precision Gauge; Sunnen Connecting Rod Reconditioner; Axe Honing Bar & Tank; Storm Mod. NS78 Boring Bar; Berke Keyway Mill; Timken Keyway Mill; Fitchburg Metal Lathe w/8’ Bed & Flat Belt Drive; Atlas Metal Lathe w/6’ Bed, Charts, Flat Belt Drive; Barnes Industrial Lathe w/8’ Bed w/Acc; Tobin ARP Mod. AB&T Line Borer; Van Norman 465 Crankshaft Regrinder; Model A, B & T Crankshaft Balancer; Crankshaft Straightener; Model A, B & T Automotive Maintenance Machine for Machining Poured Bearings for Ford Engines; Shepard Thomson Model A & T Brake Reconditioner; Van Norman Valve Seating Mill; Piston Knurler; Hastings Micro Knurler; 2 Sioux Valve Grinders; Miller Tig Welder; Tri-Arc 160 Wire-Feed & Stick Welder; Emerson 180-Amp Arc Welder w/Wards Powerkraft Arc Stabilizer; Wards Powerkraft Spot Welder; HD Hydraulic Press; Ranch Rite 12-Spd Drill Press; Atlas 3-Spd Drill Press; Shelly 120V Air-Compressor w/2-Cyl Compressor & 30-Gal Tank; Crescent Metal Band Saw w/14’ Band; Dayton Metal Band Saw; Delta Metal Band Saw; 2 Niagra/Excelsior Metal Shears - 30” & 60”; Pexto Bead Roller; 5’ Bull Nose Break; English Wheel w/36” Neck; Pneumatic Metal Forming Hammer w/36” Neck; Ash Metal Forming Log; HD Dual-Wheel Grinder on Stand; Dayton Dual-Wheel Grinder; Sand Blasting Cabinet; TIP Pod Sand Blaster w/25-Gal Tank; TIP Sand Blasting Cabinet w/8-Gal Tank; Bubble Wheel Balancer; Dayton Disc & Belt Sander; Wire Brush Polisher/Grinder; Propane Forge w/Sand Box Mold, Temperature Probe & Tongs; Foundry Tools; Smelting Pot & Tools; Parts Washer w/Tumbler; Engine Washer; Specialty Engine-Building Tools Plus Assorted Tools & Shop Equipment; 4 Engine Stands; New 10,000-lb Reese Receiver Hitch; Cummins 6500W Generator w/13-hp Engine - Rebuilt & Works

American Metal Lathe.jpg (552592 bytes)Barnes Industrial Metal Lathe.jpg (521605 bytes)Axe Honing Bar & Tank.JPG (179813 bytes)Bubble Wheel & Tire Balancer.jpg (439885 bytes)Trump Vertical Mill.JPG (174321 bytes)

Crescent Metal Band Saw.jpg (459494 bytes)Delta Metal Band Saw.jpg (476304 bytes)Engine Washer.JPG (85327 bytes)Flow Bench.JPG (176277 bytes)Machine Shop Tool 2.jpg (468732 bytes)

Fitchburg Metal Lathe.jpg (498902 bytes)Kohler 4-Cyl. Water-Cooled Engine & Generator.jpg (488763 bytes)Metal Lathe.JPG (204563 bytes)Cummins 6500W Generator.jpg (469477 bytes)Crankshaft Straightener.jpg (531533 bytes)

Machine Shop Tool 1.jpg (438611 bytes)Misc. Part.JPG (176542 bytes)Pexto Bead Roller.jpg (523361 bytes)Shepard-Thompson Model A&T Brake Reconditioner.JPG (181390 bytes)Propane Forge 1.jpg (504434 bytes)

Propane Forge.jpg (498212 bytes)Reese 10K Receiver Hitch - New.jpg (505942 bytes)Sandblasting Cabinet.JPG (147584 bytes)Niagra Metal Shear.jpg (495157 bytes)Parts Washer.jpg (529084 bytes)

Sheet Metal Forming Ash Stump 2.jpg (566868 bytes)Sheet Metal Forming Ash Stump.jpg (490774 bytes)Sheet Metal Forming English Wheel.jpg (504623 bytes)Sheet Metal Forming Pneumatic Hammer.jpg (432182 bytes)Wards Powerkraft Spot Welder.jpg (634583 bytes)

Specialty Engine Building Tools 1.JPG (87167 bytes)Specialty Engine Building Tools 2.JPG (175192 bytes)Storm Mod.NS78 Boring Bar.JPG (154199 bytes)Sunnen Connecting Rod Honer.JPG (167946 bytes)TIP Sandblaster.jpg (518933 bytes)

TIP Sandblasting Cabinet.jpg (466688 bytes)Van Norman 465 Crankshaft Regrinder.JPG (164730 bytes)Sheet Metal Roller-Former.JPG (174103 bytes)Sioux Valve Grinder.JPG (78511 bytes)Automotive Maintenance Machine for Machining Ford Model A,B&T Poured Bearings.JPG (209381 bytes)

Car  -  Truck  -  Motorcycle  -            Car  -  Truck  -  Motorcycle  -  Forklift  -  Trailers  -  Trailers

1958 Edsel Pacer 2-Door Hardtop w/E400 V8, Dash Switch-Shift Auto, Weathered but Straight w/Minimal Rust, Mostly Complete - Good Glass & Title

1921 Reo Model “F” Speedwagon Truck

1979 Yamaha 750 Special Motorcycle w/Windshield, Faring, Highway Pegs & High-Back Seat

Towmotor Forklift w/2-Stage Mast, 5000-lb Lift Capacity & 4-Cyl Hercules Engine on Propane

Shop-Built 24’ GN Trailer w/Tandem Trailer House Axles & 5th Wheel Hitch - All Steel

Shop-Built 14’ Bumper-Pull Car Trailer w/Tandem Axles, Ramps & 6-Hole Wheels w/15” Tires

'58 Edsel lf.JPG (194058 bytes)'58 Edsel lr.JPG (208309 bytes)'58 Edsel rf.JPG (180880 bytes)'79 Yamaha 750 Special.jpg (544664 bytes)'79 Yamaha 750 Front.jpg (519021 bytes)

1921 Reo Model F Speedwagon.jpg (556205 bytes)1921 Reo Speedwagon Engine.jpg (440244 bytes)1921 Reo Speedwagon Instruction Book.JPG (165282 bytes)1921 Reo Speedwagon Instruction Book 2.JPG (72440 bytes)Car Trailer.JPG (254148 bytes)

Towmotor Forklift.JPG (69779 bytes)

Engines  -  Magnetos  -  Distributors  -  Carburators  -  Parts

Engines: 1920’s Chevrolet 14 4-Cyl Hi-Performance Engine (#848582); Emerson Brantingham; Fairbanks-Morse Z 3-hp, Kerosene, 450-RPM on Truck; Cushman Cub 1-hp 850-RPM; Waterloo Type H 2-hp; Several Other 1-Lung Hit ‘n Miss Engines & Parts   

Magnetos: Wico, Fairbanks-Morse, KW, Splitdorf, American Bosch, Aero, IH, JD & More

Assorted Distributors & Carburetors including a Large Brass Carburetor & Several Others; Assorted Ford Model A & Flathead Parts - Engine, Heads, Axels etc; Steam Whistle; 2 McCullough Practical Oil Pumps & Others

1-Lung Hit 'n Miss Engine - Dual Flywheels.jpg (379325 bytes)1-Lung Hit 'n Miss Engine & McCullough Practical Oil Pump.jpg (497483 bytes)1-Lung Hit 'n Miss Engine Generator.jpg (483312 bytes)Fairbanks-Morse Z Engine on Truck.jpg (545234 bytes)Lawn Mower - REO Gas Engine.jpg (478571 bytes)

1-Lung Hit 'n Miss Engine.jpg (508915 bytes)Emerson-Brantingham 1-Lung Hit 'n Miss Engine 1.jpg (663666 bytes)Emerson-Brantingham 1-Lung Hit 'n Miss Engine.jpg (512121 bytes)1-Lung Hit 'n Miss Engine Crankshaft & Dual Flywheels.jpg (429866 bytes)1-Lung Hit 'n Miss Engine 2.jpg (476811 bytes)

Magnetos & Carburetors.jpg (518472 bytes)Magnetos 1.jpg (489294 bytes)Magnetos 2.jpg (497637 bytes)Maytag-Powered Weed Cutter on Steel Wheels.jpg (600578 bytes)Fairbanks-Morse Z Engine on Truck 1.jpg (498757 bytes)

Woodworking Tools  -  Shop Equipment  -  Lumber  -  Miscellaneous

Grizzly: Shop Vacuum System; Variable-Size Drum Sander; Belt & Disc Sander, 6” & 9”; Table Router; 18” Band Saw w/Extra Bands; 14”x18” Wood Lathe; Viking Stone Grinder w/5” & 10” Stones; Scroll Saw w/16” Neck; 6” Surface Grinder; Surface & Angle Plane; 15” Planer w/Stand; 5-Spd Drill Press. Quicksand Vertical 1Ό” Belt Sander; Rockwell 4-Spd Wood Lathe w/48” Bed; B&D/Dewalt 12” Radial Arm Saw; Craftsman 10” Table Saw; Craftsman 10” Compound Miter Saw; Delta Craft Table Saw; Cutler Hammer Wood Lathe w/5’ Bed; Stripping Tub 3’x6’; Small Table Plane; Many Assorted Clamps; Assorted Hand Tools, Tooling & Shop Equipment; Assortments of Fasteners, Hinges, Handles etc; Asbestos/Asphalt Shingle Cutter;

Stanley: No.45B Molding Plane; No.46 Molding Plane; 45° Original Box Molding Plane; 3 No.71 Molding Planes

Assortment of Rough-Cut Lumber & Other Lumber

Clamps.JPG (184940 bytes)Cutler-Hammer Wood Lathe.JPG (200866 bytes)Grizzly Table Router.JPG (179084 bytes)

Asbestos & Asphalt Shingle Cutter.jpg (511310 bytes)Grizzly 15-in Planer.JPG (182837 bytes)Grizzly Scroll Saw.JPG (208394 bytes)Grizzly Band Saw.JPG (182160 bytes)

Antiques  -  Collectibles  -  Primitives  -  Miscellaneous

Signs: Standard Oil Company ISO VIS Porcelain 2-Sided Round; DeKalb Seed 2-Sided; 2 Butler Buildings; Pepsi Tin; 2 Buffalo Planters & Equipment; New Idea  

Furniture: Back Bar, No Mirror; Oak-Framed Glass Display Cases; Oak Ice Box 48”x24”x18”;

Primitives: Copper Clad Cast Iron Cook Stove; Hand-Crank Apple Juicer & Cider Press on Wood Stand; A.T. McDonald No.12 Water Pump; Wood Wash Tub w/Wringer; Archer Clothes Wringer; Hand-Crank Forge w/27” Bed & 2) 50-Gal Barrels of Fine Coal; Atlantic Coastline Railroad Oil Can - 1861; 5-Gal Cream Can; Wood Cabinets; Hand-Crank Cistern Pump; Cast Iron Meat Grinders; Wood-Framed Stationary Silage Chopper w/Hopper & Elevator; Cast Iron #1 Wagon & Buggy Wheel Rim Shrinker; Wood-Framed Hand-Crank Corn Sheller

Crocks, Glass & China: 20-Gal Blue Clover Leaf; 2-Gal Western Stoneware; Assorted Kerosene/Oil Lamps; Dishes; Cups & Saucers

Miscellaneous: Black/White Photo Negatives of Almena, KS & Surrounding Areas; 3 Wind Generators; Delco 32-V Light Plant; Fire Hose Reel w/Hose & Brass Nozzle; Mechanic & Woodworking Tools; Cobbler’s Boot & Shoe Repair Tools; 1940’s Child’s Wagon; Johnston Optical Co Detroit Salesman Eye Glasses Kit; Popcorn Stand; Kitchen & Cooking Utensils

Buffalo Planters Sign.jpg (591379 bytes)Butler Building Sign.jpg (451797 bytes)Dekalb 2-Sided Sign.jpg (567559 bytes)New Idea Sign.jpg (652109 bytes)Pepsi Sign.jpg (522766 bytes)

ISO VIS Motor Oil Sign.JPG (162308 bytes)


Dr or Dentist Cabinet.JPG (162050 bytes)Kitchen Cabinet.jpg (435729 bytes)Oak-Frame Glass Display Case.JPG (137277 bytes)Oak-Framed Glass Display Case 2.JPG (170880 bytes)Back Bar Frame.jpg (538688 bytes)


Primitive Cabinet (2).JPG (80730 bytes)Primitive Cabinet.jpg (397587 bytes)Hand-Crank Apple Juicer & Cider Press.JPG (189368 bytes)Wooden Washing Machine.JPG (181436 bytes)A.T. McDonald No.12 Water Pump.jpg (523221 bytes)

Copper Clad Cast Iron Cook Stove.jpg (470495 bytes)Hand-Crank Washing Machine Wringer.jpg (680351 bytes)Wood-Framed Silage Cutter Elevator.jpg (616502 bytes)Wood-Framed Silage Cutter Hopper.jpg (481246 bytes)Wood-Framed Silage Cutter.jpg (519665 bytes)

Buggy & Wagon Wheel Rim Shrinker.jpg (634076 bytes)


2-Gal Western Crock.JPG (68284 bytes)20-Gal Blue Clover Leaf Crock.JPG (142432 bytes)


1940's Child's Wagon.jpg (481823 bytes)Edison Crank Phonograph & Morning Glory.JPG (156760 bytes)Cobbler's Boot & Shoe Tools.jpg (667681 bytes)Grain & Grist Grinder.jpg (633921 bytes)Radiator Water Can & 5-Gal Cream Can.jpg (490790 bytes)

Horse-Drawn 1-Row Planter.jpg (573695 bytes)Old Fire Hose & Brass Nozzle.jpg (681335 bytes)Blacksmith Tools & Leg Vise.jpg (386826 bytes)

Singer Treadle Leather Sewing Machine.JPG (218020 bytes)Popcorn Stand.JPG (204108 bytes)Delco 32V Light Plant.jpg (444065 bytes)B&D LoadOmeter Scale & Case.JPG (179274 bytes)

Plus Numerous Miscellaneous Items Not Included on this List.