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Owner Retiring

Welding Shop



Arapahoe, NE

1 Blk West of the US Hwy 283  -  6&34 Intersection


Take advantage of this opportunity to acquire an Established Business that is offered Complete with Shop Equipment & the Inventory of steel & aluminum stock, trailer repair parts, irrigation repair parts, nuts & bolts - Everything!


LEGAL DESCRIPTION: Lt 1, Blk 9 Original Town Arapahoe, Furnas County, NE.


THE PROPERTY:Built in 1930 as a Filling Station, the building on this property that has served as a Welding and Repair Shop for the last 50+ years still has some of the original masonry fancy work showing. The owner is retiring and offering this business For Sale Complete with Equipment and Inventory to provide a seamless transition to the buyer as well as for the many established customers of this business.


SHOP EQUIPMENT INCLUDED:  04 Miller Dynasty 350 DX Tig Runner 350-amp AC/DC Tig Machine including, running gear, cylinder rack, water cooler, water-cooled Tig Torch. NOT including cylinder or gas. Autoline power, 1ph/3ph, 208/600-volt input.

99 Miller XMT 304 w/Miller S-22A Feeder 300-amp Wire Welder,  400-amp Stick Welder, 350-amp DC Tig Welder, carbon arc gouging capabilities. Included is a Spoolmate 30A Spool Gun w/WC24 Controller, running gear & cylinder rack. NOT including cylinders or gas. Autolink power, 1ph/3ph 230/460-volt input.

02 Miller Pulser Self-Contained Wire Welder w/pulse capabilities. Includes Spoolmate 3035 Spool Gun, running gear, cylinder rack. 1ph, 208/230-volt input. NOT including cylinders or gas.

Ellis 9500 Drill Press w/vari-spd control box, rpm digital read out, power down feed. 120-volt.

Hypertherm Powermax 1250 w/Retrofit RT80 25 Torch.

Edward 50-Ton Ironworker. Includes various punch & die sets, press brake, rod shear, angle shear, coper/notcher. 1ph 230-volt.

Industrial Air Air-Compressor w/Vertical Tank, 2-Cylinder Compressor.  230-volt                    


INVENTORY INCLUDED: Steel & Aluminum Stock, Trailer Repair Parts, Irrigation Repair Parts, Bolts, Nuts &Washers Etc.    (Subject to Change as Items are Sold)  


2017 TAXES:   $ 308.12                                                            LIST PRICE:   $ 100,000


POSSESSION:  Possession upon Closing.

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